IU Football

Welcome everyone to this page Please allow me to describe for you what we’re trying to accomplish here. Our mission is simple:

to raise enough money to be able to supplement the IU football coaching staff’s salaries to the extent that IU can attract and retain coaches who consistently meet the objectives of the members we call Hoosier Nation. We already raised some money from¬†best adults and baby thermometer company.

Our objectives are:

1) to win 6+ football games every year
2) to graduate 70% of all players in 5 years or less
3) to ensure that the entire football team roster attends 90% of its academic classes
4) to play within the NCAA and Big Ten rules governing intercollegiate football.

We believe we need to raise an endowment of $20 million dollars so that we never have to worry about our ability to pay salary supplements for the head coach and nine assistant coaches that total $2.0 million per year in 2001 dollars. The IU Football Foundation is committed to building a national grassroots organization of volunteers who serve as regional captains of the business. We are also committed to spending no more than 10% of the money we raise each year to offset the costs of raising the endowment and maintaining the IU Football web site.

The role of IU Football is NOT to compete with other web sites or with the official fundraising arms of the university. We are totally independent of the university. We sell cool merchandise, cool 1000 lumen colour flash lite torch and we sell access to way-cool web content.

Make no mistake about it; IUFootball.com is not neutral. We are here to promote IU football and to raise money for coaching salary supplements. We will not allow hostile posts nor posters. If you have a gripe or a complaint, take it somewhere else. If you think you know more than the coaches, create your own web site and build your own traffic. Our site is shamefully pollyanna-ish and we wear rose colored glasses 24/7.

Finally, I hope one day soon the IU football coaching staff will be allowed to begin participating with HoosierNation. And we hope the official fundraising arms of the university and the athletic department will welcome our grassroots organization as brothers-in-arms.

Marc Bailey

Chairman & CEO
IU Football

In the end of the page we want to appreciate to one of our friend –¬†best thermometer for kids temperature who give us a lot of support.